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    Töltriding is the only film channel in the world dedicated only to icey horses. We have 50 hours of material, growing every week. We do have some films in english but are aiming to translate them all.
    Töltriding är världens enda renodlade filmkanal för islandshästar ur olika aspekter. Vi berätta...

  • Icelandic Breeders – Part 6

    3 videos  |  Rent $4.50  |  Buy $7.50

    Spuni is one of the most famous icelandic stallions in the world. He was the first foal to be born on the farm Vesturkot in Iceland when the breeding there started. Spuni was the stallion with the highest score of all 8,92 total and 9,25 for riding. Here we visit him in his home.
    We also make a ...

  • Icelandic Breeders – Part 5

    4 videos  |  Rent $4.50  |  Buy $7.50

    Þóroddsstaðir is a breeding farm which has been in the same family for four generations and has accomplished first class horses throughout the years. We visit Bjarni Þorkelsson and get to meet his beautiful horses.
    1. Four generations of breeders 4,35 min
    2. He transforms young horses into comp...

  • Icelandic Breeders – Part 4

    3 videos  |  Rent $4.50  |  Buy $7.50

    Súsanna Sand Ólafsdóttir is judge, trainer, breeder and chairman in the icelandic trainer assosiation. She loves her old stallion Óttar, still trains him and aims for next Landsmót when he will be 25 years old. We meet Susanna and her stallion - and we also get a clinic where she shows some of t...

  • Icelandic Breeders Part 3

    2 videos  |  Rent $4.50  |  Buy $7.50

    Páll Bragi Holmarsson was the team leader of the successful Icelandic team, but he himself could not take his stallion Sjálfur frá Austurkoti to a competition outside of Iceland. He has promised the horse never to sell him and to fulfill this the horse will never leave Iceland.
    Films included:

  • Icelandic Breeders - Part 2

    4 videos  |  Rent $4.50  |  Buy $7.50

    In this collection you will meet the famous stallion Stáli frá Kjarri in his home stable at Iceland. We also go to visit Árbakki from where most horses are exported out of Iceland - and we get to take a look at how a trainer trains the young horses that will end up at the big competitions around ...

  • Icelandic breeders - part 1

    4 videos  |  Rent $4.50  |  Buy $7.50

    Visit breeders of icelandic horses in Iceland, meet the famous stallions and get clinics from the best riders. In this first part of the series you will find (in english):
    1 Kirkjubær – home of the red horses (15 min)
    2. Árbæjarhjáleiga – where the king is called Jarl (7 min)
    3. Sigvaldi Lárus...